Basic back massage
Deep tissue massage. Eases sore, knotted muscles.

Specialized back massage
Combination of deep tissue and soothing. Ideal for stressed out, sore and painful muscles. Massage ends with soothing warmstones and aroma oils.

45min de-stress back massage
A personalized massage, ideal for over worked muscles. Especially for active sports men, gym fanatics and general stressed muscles.. combination of deep tissue, soothing warm stones and aroma oils and ending with a back scrub.

Swedish full body
Deep tissue full body massage. Ideal for overall relaxation

Deep tissue sports massage
Intense deep tissue massage, consisting of a combination of deep tissue and stretching the muscles.

Aromatherapy full body
Personalized massage with soothing massage movements with aroma oils.

Hot stone full body massage
Soothing massage with warm stones. Ideal for sore muscles.

Indian head massage
Massage done with fragrent aroma oils on the sculp, face and pressure point massage on the shoulders.

Foot massage
Soothing foot massage with a hydrating foot cream. Ideal for tired feet.

Lymph drainage massage
Massage for people who battle with lymph problems (only). The massage helps to drain away excess fluids and swelling.

Pressure point massage on the feet. Ideal for stress, general illness, run down body and a low immune system.